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Friday, January 25, 2013

Alternative uses for soap- use #4

Friday again! This week has really flown by! I hope it has been a good one for you all!
For those of you outside of Colorado that read my blog, first of all THANK YOU! Secondly you may not know I live in Ski Country and don't ski but I am completely enjoying an annual major event we have in Aspen this time every year called the Winter X- Games.

I am not usually into sports but I am riveted by the creativity and bravery or insanity( both are applicable) of the athletes that participate. And I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Shaun White. I just think he is crazy good and just plain crazy too!

So in honor of the Winter X Games here is this weeks alternative use for soap:

 A Wax for your ski's! (and If you try this you are totally on your own!) I did include the link below for your reading pleasure!
 Ingredients and formula for super fast ,all temp, racing ski wax:
(1)5 lbs of paraffin wax(preferably 150degree or higher melt temp 160 is optimal)
(2) 1/2 lb of paraffin wax hardener
(3) a bar of Ivory soap
(4) a regular size tube of Crest high fluoride toothpaste (5)a heaping tablespoon of spruce gum(resin from a spruce tree)
Until next week I wish you a blessed and prosperous life where you are so blessed you get to bless those around you.

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