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Friday, January 11, 2013

52 uses for Soap other than the obvious- Use #2

Happy Friday All!
Hope this finds you ready to jump into the weekend, We are supposed to get dumped on by snow this weekend so I think my time will be spent indoors! Honestly! I think I am the only person in Colorado that does not ski!
On to this weeks soapy use and let me tell you I had a hard time just picking one soap use to blog about as I found several really cool ones I had never heard of!

So here it is, Alternative use # 2 for soap

Removing Wallpaper: mix soap and water and sponge on old wallpaper and it will help in removing the glue.
 I am going to be remodeling an old bathroom this winter so plan to test this one out. If you have already tested it let me know!

This is a pic of what won worst wallpaper of the year award! The wallpaper was only the first thing I noticed about this pic though, I mean just look at the size of this bathroom! You can do yoga in there! My bathroom is no where near this size!

Ok everyone that's it for this installment, Hope you all get to be a blessing at least once this coming week and have a fab weekend!

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