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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soap Challenge Week 2 Milk Soaps

Well here we are into week 2 of the great cakes soapworks soaping challenge and this one was truly a challenge for me. Not just to make a soap using buttermilk as the liquid but just finding the time to do it!
You see we are in the process of opening our second store and we have been busy! Just in case you haven't been to visit us yet we have our first store in Carbondale, Colorado and this one we are looking to Rifle, Colorado. Supply this beautiful valley on both ends!
Here is a fun pic of  the newest potential home for Zoe Life Naturals. EEP!

Can I see myself putting flower pots on that ledge and possibly a chair to sit in and catch the sun in the mornings??? YES!
More about that after we have details nailed down. So on to the challenge!
I decided to do a Buttermilk and Calendula Castile soap. Unscented and Uncolored and round shaped for my baby line.

Prepping the molds that my better half made for me.

Milk soaping takes a little more prep than a regular batch because you have to freeze the milk first.
From a soapers perspective this is a beautiful sight. Smooth and creamy and still at a light trace! You can tell just by looking at it that its going to be a good batch. YAY!

Into the molds it goes!
Happy Soaper!

Cutting day!

Beautiful Baby Buttermilk Castile Bar with Calendula.

You can find this in our Carbondale store in about  4 weeks.
Can't wait till I get a chance to do this weeks challenge. Piping soap! think cake decorating with soap!
Be blessed,