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Friday, January 18, 2013

52 Uses for Soap Use # 3

We are halfway through January and that means one thing and one thing only to me.
My favorite holiday because it is all about romance and I get chocolate. 
Two things that I LOVE!
Usually the love of my life buys me a boat load of wonderful gourmet chocolates and if he does not ration them out to me I will actually sneak up at night to eat some. Just saying... Chocolate is my weakness!

In my area we are having a chocolate event where I intend to pick me up some fine chocolates!

That being said let's get on to this weeks alternative use for soap.

-If you rub bar soap on a mosquito bite, it forms a protective coating that helps keep it from itching (kinda like the way nail polish works.)

I did not know this one, and I have never heard of putting nail polish on a bite either! I made a balm for bites but next summer I will try rubbing soap on it!
If you have ever tried either of these remedies for a mosquito bite pipe in and let us hear how it worked!

See you all next week for another installment and I hope you all get to be a blessing to someone between now and then!


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