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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back and ready to ROCK!

We are back! 
Soap guild conference was wonderful! I attended so many great classes and met so many inspirational soap makers. I will be featuring some of those amazing soapmakers in future blog postings.
I want to share a few Soap Guild photos before I knuckle down and get back to work!

Beautiful riverboat outside the Red Lion Inn  where the conference was held
The highlight of my day!! Meeting the Bramble Berry Team!
Anne-Marie is so down to earth and her team is A-Plus!

Loved Meeting soapmakers that I have been talking to on line!
This is Ada from soap much love, Me, and NaYeon from Castle Lake studio

I loved meeting Debby May from Wholesale Supplies Plus.
I also loved that the owners of the companies I buy all my
oils from are interested in meeting us soapmakers!
I mean the owner of Walmart has never thanked me
for my business.
Me, Ada again, And Holly from the Lotion Bar Cafe.
talk about a fun woman, Holly is a riot!
Getting my Soapmaking Certification was just awesome! I was
nervous! We tested at 7 AM and I am not really "brainy" until much later in the

Enough about the conference! For now anyway!
13 days until the new store opens!

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